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Privacy at Microsoft

Your data is private at work, at home, and on the go.

At Microsoft, we value, protect, and defend privacy. We believe in transparency, so that people and organizations can control their data and have meaningful choices in how it is used. We empower and defend the privacy choices of every person who uses our products and services.

At home

Privacy is at the center of how we shape the products and services that customers use every day. We provide privacy resources and controls, so you can manage your data and how it is used.

At work

For enterprise and business customers, IT admins, or anyone using Microsoft products at work, visit the Microsoft Trust Center to get information about privacy and security practices in our products and services.

Our commitment to privacy

We ground our privacy commitments in strong data governance practices, so you can trust that we’ll protect the privacy and confidentiality of your data and will only use it in a way that’s consistent with the reasons you provided it.

You control your information

We give you the ability to control your data, along with clear and meaningful choices over how your data is used.

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Your data is protected

We rigorously protect your data using encryption and other security best practices.

You can expect privacy by design

We design our products with a core commitment to uphold user privacy.

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We stand up for your rights

We fight for stronger privacy laws and protections, and will protect your rights if a government request is made for data.

These principles form the foundation of the Microsoft approach to privacy and will continue to shape the way we build our products and services.

Get more information about how we put those principles into practice.

What's New

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New steps to defend your data

Announced new protections for our public sector and enterprise customers who need to move their data from the European Union, including a contractual commitment to challenge government requests for data and a monetary commitment to show our conviction.

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Storing and Processing EU Data in the EU

Announced a new pledge for the European Union. If you are a commercial or public sector customer in the EU, we will go beyond our existing data storage commitments and enable you to process and store all your data in the EU.

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Preserving privacy while addressing COVID-19

We’re offering seven principles as ideas to consider as we move into the next phases of helping to fight this pandemic.

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10 easy rules to secure your personal data & protect your devices

Never having to replace all your identification, credit cards, and official documents after having your identity stolen by cyber criminals.

You can learn about managing your privacy settings in Privacy in our products and services.

If you are a resident of the state of California, please see our California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Notice for California Consumers.

We’re always working to improve, so if you notice something in our products and services that doesn’t work the way you’d expect when it comes to privacy, please let us know.