Microsoft Dynamics 365 client software includes a family of enterprise products which provide business process management software that manages and integrates a company’s sales, marketing, customer relationship management, financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, online commerce, and human resource activities. Dynamics 365 client products covered by this information include:

Overview of Required and Optional data

Microsoft is dedicated to being transparent with our customers about the data we collect from our client software and giving them more control over their data. As part of this work, we’re moving our major products to a model where diagnostic data we collect from our client software as customers use their devices will be classified as either Required or Optional. This will make it easier for our customers to find information about the data we collect and how we use it, and to make informed choices about their privacy.

Diagnostic data is used to keep Dynamics 365 client software secure and up-to-date, detect, diagnose and fix problems, and also make product improvements. This data does not include a user's name or email address, the content of the user's files, or information about apps unrelated to Dynamics 365.

While Microsoft classifies some diagnostic data as Required and some as Optional, Dynamics 365 client software only collects Required diagnostic data from its users. This article provides an overview of the types of diagnostic data that are Required, and the specific categories of diagnostic data that are collected by Dynamics 365 client products.

Required data

As noted above, data in the Required category is necessary to keep our products up to date, secure, and working as expected. Required diagnostic data includes things like the type and version of a customer’s device or software configuration so we can provide connectivity to our cloud services, security patches to help keep our customers’ experiences safe, secure and functioning with a high degree of performance, detect significant feature failures, and then diagnose and fix those failures more quickly to reduce impact to customers.

Required diagnostic data is the minimum data necessary to help keep Dynamics 365 client software performing as expected on the device it's installed on. Examples include summary details about the health and security of the running service like versioning information about your infrastructure, configuration details, success or errors you’ve received, and aggregated information about failures and security concerns, execution flows, service interactions, and more.

Required diagnostic data is managed with your organization’s and your employees’ security and privacy in mind. You can learn more about our commitments to protect data in the Microsoft Trust Center / Privacy.

Required diagnostic data in Dynamics 365 client software is organized into the following data categories:

Required diagnostic data summary

Data CategoryDescriptionExamples
Device connectivity and configurationThis type of Required diagnostic data includes details about the device, its configuration, and connectivity capabilities
  • Details on a user’s browser type, version, and other configuration details
  • Details on the user’s device, screen resolution, screen orientation, and other configuration details
Product and service performanceThis type of Required diagnostic data includes details about device or service health and performance
  • Information about the memory, processor, disk usage
  • Information about form load times
  • Information about process completion times
Product and Service usageThis type of Required diagnostic data includes details about the usage of the device, operating system, applications, and services
  • Details on navigation patterns
  • Details on form usage
  • Details on frequency use of activities and actions
Software setup and inventoryThis type of Required diagnostic data includes software installation and update information on the device
  • An event used to ensure new users can successfully launch and run Dynamics 365 client applications for the first time
  • An event that ensures critical regression detection for installed client applications

Optional data

Data in the Optional category isn’t essential to the product or service experience. Dynamics 365 client products only collect the required data which is used to keep the service safe, secure and functioning as expected and does not collect any Optional diagnostic data.

Privacy information and settings

Microsoft offers customers with choices about how their data is collected. Click on the links below to learn more about the data that Microsoft collects and the controls available to enterprise system administrators.

Learn more about the various options available to administrators to manage Dynamics 365 settings in their organizations:

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