Reading List app privacy statement

What this app does

The Reading List app allows you to store bookmarks to articles from your web browser or from within an app. Bookmarks are created through use of the Share charm.

Information collected, processed, stored, or transmitted

If you choose to share a bookmark to your reading list, the app or browser you’re using will share the URL of the article with the reading list, and it may send the name of the article, a brief description, related images, the date and time the bookmark was created, and the name and logo of the sharing app. If the source app shares information as HTML, then your reading list may require an internet connection in order to download the images. Other apps cannot add bookmarks to the Reading List app on their own, and they cannot access your reading list.

If you’re signed in with a Microsoft account and you choose to sync your app settings, then Windows stores a copy of your reading list in OneDrive so you can access it from other devices.

Use of information

The Reading List app uses the information to display your bookmarked items on all of your devices.

Choice and control

The Reading List app stores bookmarks on your device until you delete them or uninstall the Reading List app. By default, the Reading List app will retain recently deleted items for 30 days after you delete them. You can view recently deleted items in the Reading List app, and you can permanently delete them from that view. You can choose to turn syncing of your reading list on or off by going to Sync your settings in PC settings.