To manage privacy settings on your Windows 10 device, go to Start > Settings > Privacy. To learn about managing privacy settings in Windows, visit the Privacy in Windows support page.

Microsoft Edge

To learn about InPrivate browsing, how to view and delete your browsing history, and other ways to protect your privacy in Microsoft Edge, visit the Privacy in Microsoft Edge support page.


To learn about how to control who can view your files on OneDrive, read these best practices for keeping your files secure.


Learn about how to control who can see your Skype profile, safety measures for kids, and other ways to protect your privacy by visiting the Skype support page.

Microsoft Rewards

To see your account info and to learn how to opt out of Microsoft Rewards and redeem your credits, visit the Microsoft Rewards Settings page.


To manage privacy settings in any Office app, go to File > Account, and then under Account Privacy, select Manage Settings. To learn about privacy in Office, visit the Privacy in Office support page.


Adjust your Xbox privacy settings on your console or on the Xbox privacy and online safety page. To learn about Xbox privacy, visit the Xbox Support page.


Sign in to to turn off Search Suggestions and adjust other Bing privacy settings.


To find info about managing LinkedIn privacy settings, as well as FAQs and the LinkedIn Privacy Policy, visit the LinkedIn Privacy Hub.


To learn about how MileIQ works, the kinds of mileage tracking data that’s collected, where it’s stored, and how to delete it, see the MileIQ Privacy Statement.


For info about the kinds of data that SwiftKey collects, removing your data and account, unsubscribing from product emails, and more, see Privacy questions and your data.

Contact the privacy team

If you're not able to find what you’re looking for, or you have a privacy question or concern—contact our privacy team.

Enterprise and business customers

For enterprise and business customers, IT admins, or anyone using Microsoft products at work, check out the Microsoft Trust Center to get information about privacy and security in our products and services.